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Our expert trainers will lead you through a comprehensive training program that covers strength and conditioning, speed and agility, and flexibility and mobility.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our programs are guaranteed to help you improve your overall skills to reach your full potential in no matter what sport you participate in! 


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Athletic Development Program (ages 6+)

Age group 6-9 yrs

60 min

$50/Session/Athlete ($400/10pack)

5-10 Athletes

-Fundamental movement training (run throw jump squat lunge etc)

-Coordination, form and Skills development

-Intro to athletic drills

-Breathing techniques etc.

High Performance Training (ages 10+)

Age group 10yrs+

90min to 2hrs

$70/Session/Athlete ($600/ 10 pack) 

5-10 Athletes


Advanced Athletic Development covering :-

-Speed & Agility
-Strength & Conditioning
-Recovery & Flexibilty

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We offer Ninja Kids Workout

Monday 10-12 pm, 4-8 pm

Tuesday 10-12 pm, 4-8 pm

Wednesday 10-12 pm, 4-8 pm

Thursday 10-12 pm, 4-8 pm

Friday 10-12 pm, 4-8 pm


60 min

$50/Session/Athlete ($400/10pack)

5-10 Athletes