Dennis Dobrovolsky

Founder & Head Tennis Pro of the tennis school

  • 30 years of coaching experience
  • ITF Level 3 Coach
  • Tennis Canada High Performance Level 2 Coach
  • NCCP Level 2 High Performance Coach
  • M.Sc. Sports Psychology
  • Charted Professional Coach
  • Tennis Technique Analyst certified
  • Tennis Serve Specialist certified
  • The coach of the #1 U10 player in Ontario, #5 U9 player in Ontario
  • The coach of the U10 Team Nationals Winners 2 years in a row
  • The coach of the U8, U9, U10 Little Mo Florida and California Internationals Winners

Dear Parents, Players and Coaches,

Thanks for all your support during these tough times.
All I can say that we have to support, help and respect each other more than ever in order to survive after the pandemic.
I keep fighting to keep my tennis school alive. Without you and your timely information it would be impossible.
Today’s governments do not care about their own people. They want the young generation to forget what physical activity is. Make them addicted to the electronic devices such as computers, laptop, iPads and iPhones andturn them into the costumer society.
In other words, they want to kill their immune system, make them dependable on pharmaceuticals, drugs, doctors and lawyers.
More and more kids are born with allergies and immune system deceases.
It is all connected: Modified food, unhealthy nutrition, sedentary life style and environmental pollution.
I am glad our tennis school is different. We are promoting healthy life style, all kind of physical activities and motivation.
There are three things your kids need to have in life in order to become next Mozart, Einstein, Beethoven, Da Vinci, Barishnikov, Lincoln, Federer, Bronte Sisters:
1. Deep practice (detailed practice)
2. Ignition (Motivation)
3. Master coaching (skillful and experienced staff)
We are the hotbed to develop talent and provide all kind of fundamentals for your kids.

Our family-owned the state-of-the-art tennis schools in Vaughan will offer you a tremendous number of programs suitable for every child and adult in your family. Either you want your kids to play for fun or competitively, you will find it here. We know what it is being parents of 3 kids and having problems finding the right sports school for them. Our philosophy is simple: “PLAY AND STAY WITH US !”

Jordan Master

Jordan Master has over 13 years of coaching experience.  He is certified by Tennis Canada as a Club Pro 1 coach, and is a member of the Tennis Professional Association. Jordan has had great success coaching players of all ages, and levels.

Jordan looks forward to demonstrating his enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge of tennis.  He is known for his high energy and flair, and he has inspired both kids and adults to love and appreciate tennis. Jordan’s goal is to teach life skills as well as improve players’ lives through the social and emotional benefits of tennis.

Jordan is an all-around athlete who grew up playing competitive hockey, baseball and soccer. In addition to coaching, he still loves to compete. In his downtime, you will find him watching tennis, hockey, football and. basketball. Looking forward to a great season! Contact Jordan for further information. See you on the courts.

Don Driscoll

  • Instructor and Club Pro/Coach 1 Certified with Tennis Canada
  • Former competitive junior player in Canada and US
  • US Division 1 University player

Don is a certified Tennis Instructor with Tennis Canada. He has held several Head Coaching positions across Ontario as well as hosting The Senior Tennis Games. Don has also coached numerous OTA Juniors as well as Inter-County Ladies Teams and Summer Junior Camps.